Wednesday, December 30, 2009

St. Nicholas Came to Monticello

So after the long trek home from Fargo, guess who came to our home while we were gone for Christmas? That's right St. Nicholas! Now many readers out there might be asking why St. Nicholas and not Santa? Well A. Because Santa is derived by St. Nicholas and B. My husband and I would rather teach our children about saints instead of telling them somoene who is commercialized all too much in our society today. I think the amazing history of St. Nicholas is a tradition my husband and I would much rather pass down instead of a jolly red coated man. Plus why not thank a saint for his amazing gifts he passed on through our Catholic tradition?

Sidenote aside: he brought the best gift of all for Mommy and Daddy, a toy to glorious that it has kept my daughter occupied for hours on end every day since she saw it Sunday morning: a Grand Walk-In Kitchen! Thank you to the many individuals who helped generously so that Preston and I would be able to afford such a marvelous kitchen. The best part about opening it was being able to Skype video call my grandmother, Babu, so that she could see B's face light up for the remarkable gift! Here are some pics!!!

Look at how big it is!
B Loves using the coffee maker...

She kept making Babu more on her conference call with her! Thanks Babu for playing along and taking a sip of your tea each time B offered her drink

Everything is B size! It's perfect!!

B can even be like Daddy and make eggs
Love and God Bless, Kym

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