Monday, December 7, 2009

First crush

So some cute little stories, so last night after youth group, P and I had a CHRP meeting with a few other adults from our parish. We are really gearing up for this great retreat for adults this upcoming year for women and one for men too! Now here's the thing, one of the other couples have two children. I find them to be absolutely adorable and they seem pretty good when they have their Leapfrog game systems...anyways, it's kinda known that when we have these meetings we bring our young children with us so we don't have to worry about babysitters and at the parish library last night, B was feeling very social. Too social to be held, so we let her out of our arms to walk around the library and eat her bottle. Well, she noticed a very "cute" 4 year-old named Zach, who also noticed B... before long, my daughter went in for the "kill". Her first attempt to lure him away from his video game was by showing him her new toy, a pink flamingo pen that Mommy was given. Poor Zack, he didn't have a chance. He took the bait and was soon enjoying and playing tickle with my 16 month-old! After she got him hooked on playing with her, she swooped in for the real deal: a HUG!!! That's right my daughter, at all of 16 months-old, has "game" (this is not in a prideful statement, more like a low moan accompanied by an OH NO!). For about an hour these two played, read a book, and hugged every so often. When the meeting was over, my daughter gave Zack about four hugs before letting him go. I think he can be her first official crush.... or at least a baby crush.
Now for T... this little man has had game since birth. Many of my youth have stated more than once that he is handsome and a charmer. I believe he got these traits from my husband. Well, today my friend Mel came over to help me with the kids since I was wiped out from working for thirteen hours yesterday... Well my son LOVES this young woman! Everytime he saw her, he would try to stand up, smiling and babbling towards her. It was very amusing and super great that she was able to keep him occupied as B would go back and forth to her toys and her brother.

God Bless

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  1. What cute stories!! Watch out definitely sounds like you'll have your hands full when Bella and Teigan get older. Haha. ;)