Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fargo's Newest State Championship Team

There are so many updates and posts I need to write...so I guess the next thing would be the trip to Fargo for Add's state championship football game. It was lots of fun to go, watch, and cheer them on for the nail-biting game! It was the first recorded ND state championship game that went into overtime. We were so excited to spend time with the family, and Preston even surprised me with a beautiful 2 bedroom suite to stay in while we visited. We utilized every space of it, including the continential breakfast with Add, Cam, and Miranda the first morning, and then with the guys the second morning. We also loved spending time with the younger siblings who loved the indoor pool! It was a nice trip and here are some pics!!

B with Great Grandpa Ed
Add's Team is the white ones!
B giving Great Grandma her second picture ever!
Add is the one who nailed the guy into the ground!
B with her cousin!

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