Tuesday, December 1, 2009

National Catholic Youth Conference 2009

WOW! +21,000 Catholic high school youth gathered for three days in Kansas City Missouri... breathless! It was very exciting, so much energy, so much love, so much faith...it was absolutely breathtaking to see all those youth on their knees for the Blessed Eucharist, for mass, for speakers on faith in action, in prayer, and in chastity. It was ridiculous! I was so impressed with my youth who were prayerful and considerate of others during mass, the sacrament of reconciliation, adoration and penance...it was amazing!!!! It only reaffirmed my place in ministry with youth. A youth and I bought a few of the same books, so we are having a social experiment where we willing be book clubbing different books and discussing the central messages on our blog. Feel free to join us, our first book is called "Wake Up to God's Word" by Mary H Reaman. I have to say I'm only a chapter in and it's fantastic!!! Please feel free to follow and join us reading this book... the first update will be posted by the end of this week I believe by Ashley, here, she's a great youth so please feel free to check out her blog. Alright well onto the next blog post!
I LOVED IT! God bless

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