Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hectic, Crazy... House Party!

Ok, so maybe this title isn't exactly what my week has been about...but it is how I've felt recently. Last Tuesday, Super Hubby and I closed on our first home! I know right, here I am all of 20-something year's old (shush I can't say my age due to some youth follow this blog :) and I bought my first house!! God is good all the time, Aw I love it!!

But on Tuesday, we went to close on the house and my lovely "Minnesota Mom" Karen came and watched the kiddos so that Hubby and I could close without them crying... since it can take HOURS to sign all those documents that say "This land is my land, this land ain't your land..." But it was very time-consuming, and my hand cramped up, then fell asleep somewhere in the first half an hour of signing. However, after we signed away, we left with a set of beautiful keys to our lovely first home!

Then came the work. And boy do I mean work.. that night we went to Menards and stocked up on lots of supplies to pull off wall paper, clean the rooms/bathrooms, paint walls, and tear out old stinky carpets. Altogether: a LOTTA work! Thankfully, we have some amazing friends who were willing to come and help us on the first days of demolition! For more news on the house, I figured I should make a seperate blog since there is SOOOO much to do.


This week's top priorities: painting (not done by me since I gots to carry baby #3), cleaning/regrouting the bathtub, and getting the carpets cleaned.

I've got only 20 days to pack, clean and get outta this apartment since we are moving soon!!! YAY!

God Bless

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  1. Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations! It is exciting. I know, we did the same thing--I had just turned 20 and we had move twice before--in between we had to put our things in storage as Ed spent several months in the vets hospital.
    It was so fun though getting our first home--our only home-we're still here after 50 years---now that took planning! Ha not really. We spent many, many nights scraping, painting, fixing etc. until two or three in the morning, and I too at 6-7 months pregnant, but didn't have two other little buttons to look after. I feel for you honey, but at the same time it's such a joy you don't even mind the work that much. Rest as much as you can.
    Thanks for sharing this---you are (all 5) in our prayers. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.
    God Bless