Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Video!!

Now... it's the 21 week mark in this pregnancy...wanna see what Baby Blessing does in the womb? Well here ya go... we found out the sex,but we want to personally tell some family members before the world knows.... sorry ;)


  1. What an Amazingly Beautiful creation your little one is!
    How can anyone think this perfectly formed little being is not a real person?
    Thank you for sharing---I've never seen anything more glorious!----An exceptional video.
    CONGRATULATIONS to a wonderful little family!
    Love you all Grandma Ellie

  2. your alien babies never cease to amaze me.
    but girrrrl... you need to write more about your life because i have been religiously stalking you for you know, 5 years now, and i'm tweakin out a little over the lack of blog update. so. jump on it, tonto. :o)