Friday, June 25, 2010

Too long

Well we have finally moved in... granted I have two boxes left to unpack, but since they are photos to be hung up, I feel very good about the move! More on that soon, I promise...

Side note:

I'm already starting the pre-planning stages of my two cuties birthdays... this being said, I have a little over a month and a half to make personalized invitations and a sweet design for a cake! However, first I need to come up with the perfect birthday theme! So weigh in on some thoughts here:

1. Since the babes are still smaller-ish (ok they are giants compared to other babies...but...), would it be so horrible to have a joint birthday party for both T and B? With one turning 1 and the other turning 2, I think it might be really cute!

2. Any fun birthday theme ideas you've seen? Super Hubby and I want to keep it my mind floats straight to Veggie Tales (which my kiddos LOVE) or maybe a rosary themed bday party (think of how many cupcakes I would get to bake!)? Any other great ideas? Weigh in now...before I get my heart set on one! Or hey help me set my mind to something else awesome!


  1. oh my goodness. rosary-themed. with cupcakes. i mean, i'm not a huge rosary fan... but i can picture the rosary cupcakes in my head, and it's making me smile.
    also... heck YES veggie tales. please and thank you.
    also also... heck YES combined birthday party. this makes it easier for auntie sara to finagle a way up to minnesota for the event. hopefully. i mean obviously no promises... but if i save my pennies now, maybe it'll be a possibility! :o)

  2. YES to veggie tales!!!!!! :) i want to see pix!