Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A (little over) Week with Great Grandma Ellie

So now that I have my internet back, I feel like there is so much to catch up on! First, would be to go back to pre-house move-in day! I was thoroughly swamped with things to do; between painting, scrubbing cabinets, vaccumming, tearing out laminate (which by the dirt on it, it was more like plastered mud on the fake tiles), and overall packing boxes, there was no way I could do these things with two babies on hips.

Thankfully, we are blessed with an amazing Great-Grandmother ( *disclaimer: we are actually blessed with two AMAZING Great Grandmothers, but this one is focused on G.G. Ellie). G.G. Ellie was willing to drive down 8 hours to come and help me for a little over a week with the babies and packing stuff in our apartment. And let me tell you, without her, I'm pretty sure we'd still be in that cramped apartment...

Super Hubby and I were able to work long hours during the night to get this house all cleaned up and ready. Meanwhile, G.G. Ellie surprised us with an amazing gift: an oven/stovetop! This is a HUGE blessing, because we were going to fanagle without one for a few weeks until after our sister's wedding in mid-July.
The babies LOVE spending time with "Elwie", as B can't really say her "L's" yet. And I think T loved each feeding time with G.G. Ellie because he would get to eat all these great little meals that she had brought for the kiddos! It was so cute to see them with her each morning, just cuddling, or trying to climb on her...
Thank you so much Great-Grandma Ellie for the great week, and all the special times and gifts for our home! We love you and we hope to see you back really soon!

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