Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fargo Fall Trippin'

This Labor Day weekend, we packed up and went to Fargo to see the family! It was a very pleasant car ride since we now how a van! I have NO idea how we would have made it up there in our Acura...with two toddlers, a dog, and loads of bags...gosh, we are blessed to be able to have this big beast of a vehicle! (*as I try not to think of how we will make it to Fargo for Thanksgiving with our new additional blessing of Levi!) When we got to the homestead, we were so grateful for Grandma Patti who let us use the basement as our guest room for the nights ahead... having the space made it less crazy for diaper changes, naps, and bed times!
The weekend was great fun as we went to a wonderful family park to play on the swings (or "wee"s as BumbleBee calls them), we went to Golden Corral (YUM!), took Miranda out for a movie treat, and had fun at the house watching movies and playing with lots of Legos!

T-man and BumbleBee along with more than enough luggage for a 3 night stay
at Grandma and Grandpa's house!
At the wonderful park! BumbleBee found many new little friends and she loved the
"limited freedom" Mommy and Daddy gave her!

T-man banging on some bells with Grandma Patti!

T-man and Daddy going down the big kid slide!

BumbleBee with the static hairdo!

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