Thursday, September 9, 2010

Feast of the Nativity of Mary

also known as "Happy Birthday Mother Mary!"

As my journey as a mommy of two toddlers in tow progresses along, I find it very important to have my two tots grow in faith even as young as they are. In reading great ideas online, but also through my fun creativity, I want to take this vocation of motherhood seriously and bring our Catholic faith to life for my children. But HOW? Well one thing I've found is that my daughter has a true love for why not bring feast days and holy days to life with cooking and baking :)

Yesterday was super fun because my little BumbleBee was very ready to bake two cakes for our Mother Mary's birthday. Since Bumblebee just celebrated her own birthday a month ago, I found it very fitting to bake two cakes and teach her the "happy birffdee song to Mawry" song.

BumbleBee hard at work on her FunFetti cakes! She added the water, oil and mix...
Mommy only got to help with the eggs :)

Now, Mommy might have written the lettering, BUT BumbleBee was eager to help with
the blue frosting blobs/flowers
AND sprinkle as much blue sprinkles as she wanted on the two cakes

We even made a birthday card/information card for STFX church community..
Daddy was able to pass out pieces of cake to any parishoners who
came in that day to the offices! Plus we found that it helped others learn
what day yesterday was!

Fun Fact: The Church only celebrates 3 birthdays in the year: John the Baptist, Mary, and JESUS :)
Oh and what was T-man doing all this time?

Sitting having fun in his play kitchen... *note the spoon ;)

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