Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"So, how do you stay organized?" a fellow Mommy asked me recently... well, as the picture shows, my creative side came out with my O.C.D. counterpart-self needed a new way to list out my day's worth of work.
One night the idea came to me to make a chore chart. What's super fun about this little list maker is that Bumblebee gets to move the chore to the day we should work on them.. and by "we" it's mostly me...but she does a GREAT job helping Mommy with the first column of laundry... she helps me sort and put them into the dryer after I've washed them! She LOVES moving the chore pins over to the yellow strip on the right when we are all done, and it's a great way to track what I need to get done in a week... of course there are those extra special things that aren't necessarily weekly chores, but then we just tack it up right next to taht day's line worth of things to do.
What's more cute is that BumbleBee seems to want her own personal chart... so that might be in the works in a few months, but so far, she can:
- clean up her toys when asked!
- help Mommy bake!
- put laundry in dryer, shut dryer, and pull clothes out of dryer
- help fold small towels for the bathroom
- give Teigan his shoes, socks or toys!
She is quite the big sister and a GREAT helper for Mommy!

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