Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great Witness to the Catholic Faithful Family

So this morning, BumbleBee, T-man and I went to our local grocery store to pick up some great cake mixes, frosting, and blue dye for creating our master piece birthday cakes... please observe the following conversation between the two check out ladies and Bella with myself translating.

Lady 1 talking to Bella: "Wow, it looks like someone is having quite the birthday party! Are these cakes for your brother?"

Bella: frowns, shakes her head no. Looks at me puzzled

Lady 2: "Oh! They must be for you (points to Bella)! Is it your birthday?"

Bella: "No!" frowns again

Lady 2: "So it's for your Daddy or maybe Mommy?"

Bella: *no exaggeration on this, points to the sky*

Lady 1 looking puzzled: "Who are the cakes for then?"

Bella looks at me as I smile.

Me: "Tomorrow is our Mother Mary's birthday ladies. That's Jesus' Mommy, right Bella? (Bella points to the heavens in excitement!) We are making two cakes to bring to our parishes so that they may pass out pieces to parishoners to teach them how special her birthday is. Right, hunny?"

Bella nods in agreement and hugs her puppy.

Lady 2: "Well Mary is very lucky to have you celebrate her birthday and teach us about her special day then!" Smiles

What a wonderful witness! Bella, T-man and I left the grocery store very happy and excited to teach others about how wonderful Mary is in our lives. So, how are YOU celebrating Mary's birthday?

For more information on why it's such a special day, please go here for a good educational piece on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary... and remember to do something special for our Lady!

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